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Accounting & Bookkeeping Training in Toronto

Accounting and Bookkeeping Training That Get You Hired

Landing a job in the accounting and bookkeeping industry is not easy. We offer students and immigrants an invaluable course to help them land their next job with ease! The training covers accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and more - all designed for your success.
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Based on 24 reviews
Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor
According to me, this is the best place where professional and trained staff gives personal attention to every student with 100% transparency. My experience here is outstanding as I got the knowledge about QuickBooks and accounting that helped me to get a great job in Canada with a smart salary. Thanks for your services. Highly recommended!
Ivan Smith
Ivan Smith
Being part of GTGH was a good learning experience. My instructor was highly knowledgeable, each with very two different styles of teaching and different Approaches to class management. He helped me to understand complex topics in a more practical way. I would also like to see that in the future.
Sophia Walsh
Sophia Walsh
Best place for studying accounting and bookkeeping. The trainer is so supportive.
Riley Bennett
Riley Bennett
Right place to learn professional accounting & bookkeeping. Thank you to help me in starting my career.
Gul Shehzad
Gul Shehzad
The course is put together in an excellent way. The video, cases and software are all provided. The cases are in detail and help you prepare for the job. The training with job and resume support help you in getting job interview. I bought the full membership package. The trainer is available to answer questions and also provide guidance over the phone. I highly recommend it.
Saba khan
Saba khan
This course is really helpful for accounting and book keeping. He is always ready to help people as much as he can. He has a lot of experience in accounting. I would highly recommend people who are struggling for accounting jobs to take this course and get ready to get job instead of doing odd jobs.
Sunaina Verma
Sunaina Verma
I am very thankful for salman sir I got job because he taught me with his best experience and knowledge I got job right away when I finished training from get trained get hired. It was really helpful to built my career
Khushboo Soni
Khushboo Soni
This course is very helpful to understand Canadian Accounting and taxation. I took this course and I got opportunity to learn so many new accounting soft wares which helped me getting a job in the field. Salman is very helpful and a good teacher with great knowledge. He has so much experience in accounting .He helps a lot for preparing Resume.

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What Does Our Course Cover?


Every business owner needs to keep his books of accounts in good standing. By completing this training, you can work with companies or start your own bookkeeping business - from there any other possibilities are limitless!
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Financial statements are essential to any business, but the ability to analyze and provide assurance on them will set you apart in a competitive job market. Banks require these reports before they lend money; your creativity could be what sets you up as an invaluable employee.
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Every year, every person and company must file their taxes. By learning about the intricacies of corporate & personal tax filings you will be able to get a job in public accounting as well as industry-based work.
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The Next Batch is Starting Soon 

Enroll in the best accounting training at Toronto Accounting Academy. Let us help you find a job in Canada and make settling into your new home country easier!
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Why Should You Take This Course?

Get Trained Get Hired can help immigrants find their first accounting job in Canada.

The founder of this company is an immigrant as well, and he has personally experienced the struggle that you are going through.

You get to learn from the person who knows the challenges you are facing and has the solution to your problems. Our courses get you job-ready in one month.

Our students go from driving taxis, doing security and working in warehouses to making $60,000 as staff accountants in public accounting firms.

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Who is Instructor?

Salman Rundhawa came to Canada in 2011. After moving to Canada, he began an MBA in accounting. After working for hydro one, he joined Diamond Tree Accounting in Barrie. He's studied accounting and taxation since then. Because of his professionalism and work ethic, Salman rose quickly from junior accountant to assistant manager.

He has worked for small and large accounting firms. This gives him an unique perspective on public accounting firms and the skills they seek.

He has experience with corporate (T2) and personal (T1) income taxes, cross-border taxation, financial statement preparation and analysis, year-end adjusting entries, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, payroll management, budgets, and internal control. He knows Caseware, Caseview, Cantax, Taxprep, U-File, QuickBooks, Business Vision, SAP, and ERP.

Salman believes in sharing knowledge to help others succeed. He enjoys mentoring and contributing to others' success. He loves socializing. He likes hiking, swimming, and beach walks.

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Challenges Faced By Immigrants

Out-Dated Resume

Not upgrading your skills and using outdated resume formats is a deadly SIN committed by the majority of immigrants. An outdated resume with irrelevant skills will keep you unemployed.

No Canadian Experience

The biggest challenge to immigrants is the Canadian experience demanded by every company. Nobody wants to hire you straight out of the airport, but how can you have Canadian experience without getting the job?

Lack Of Knowledge

Most immigrants do not have an understanding of the Canadian job market. They waste a lot of time figuring out the correct field and how to land their first job. They end up either selling themselves short or choosing the wrong field.

Bad Circle of Influence

Most immigrants seek advice from their friends and family. They see Canada with their own eyes and end up inheriting the same twisted and limited belief system as their peers. This limits their ability to be a success.

What Makes Us the First Choice of Immigrants?

Mentorship and Guidance

Before you decide to start a job hunt, it's a good idea to meet the successful professionals in their field and seek their guidance. A 30 minute meeting can save you 3 to 5 years of struggle. Learn from those who have done it.

Updated Resume & Profile

After the training, you will have a new resume which will be up to date with the North American standard. This resume will be discussed with the hiring managers and recruiters. It will showcase in demand skills.


The founder of Get Trained Get Hired is a successful immigrant and he has walked your path. He is a public accountant and a managing partner in a public accountant firm. You are learning a specialized skill from a person who practices it every day unlike a university professor.


Our Accounting and Bookkeeping courses are of high quality as you get to practice from real office files that come in our accounting firm. These are the same files on which you will work on your job. This is our key success factor, and this is why firms prefer our students.

Network Of firms & Recruiters

We introduce our students to our network of recruiters and accounting firms. We teach them how to approach the managers and partners of the firm and present themselves in a way that they can bypass their profile.

Our Fees

Our fees are reasonable, and there are no hidden charges.  Unlike other institutes, we do not charge an arm and a leg or ask for a share of your salary. We are transparent and provide value for money. Reach out to us so we can recommend you the course/package that will lead to a job.

Learn In-Demand Skills

You must invest in upgrading your skills. As a public accountant, you should know personal and corporate tax, bookkeeping & Year-end. You get multiple job offers once you update your resume and skills.


We provide job support even after you are hired. As this is your first job in Canada, you will have job questions. We at Get Trained Get Hired stand behind our students and answer your job-related questions at no extra cost. You can reach us through text, email or our WhatsApp group.

Our Career Advices

The Next Batch is Starting Soon 

Enroll in the best accounting training at Toronto Accounting Academy. Let us help you find a job in Canada and make settling into your new home country easier!
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We offer students and immigrants an invaluable course to help them land their next job with ease! The training covers accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and more - all designed for your success.
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