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 Accounting Courses Vaughan

Accounting and Bookkeeping Courses!
 designed to help you find a job!

Accountants are the backbone of a business. They maintain financial discipline and represent their organization to external parties, such as investors or creditors.Accounting  is becoming a necessary and important skill for any business day-by-day. The summary of the performance is very important for a company to know how it has been doing. That’s why it is necessary to keep full and systematic records of business transactions so that they can know their revenues, expenses, assets - all in accordance with how things are classified when filed for taxation purposes.As the business entities hire bookkeepers and accountants, it is no surprise that an accountant's job has high profile.

Employers want to hire people who have a good grasp of the job, and they're also interested in learning new skills. It saves both time and money by increasing the productivity of employees.When it comes to getting a great job, you should always do your research. In this case, we recommend enrolling in some accounting courses at Vaughan!


Who Is It for?

Human resources are a company's most valuable assets. Their skills, training and mindset produce results which determine its success or failure.

Get Trained Get Hired is a resource that provides job seekers with the skills they need to be successful in today's competitive accounting field and positions such as -

  • Tax administrator
  • Cashier
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounting trainee and accounting manager
  • Accounting supervisor
  • Payroll officer

The course is helpful for both beginners and experienced accountants.

Why Our Course?

Accounting and bookkeeping have been a part of many industries for centuries, as they are interested in knowing the financial performance and position. In order to do so with accurate stakeholders such as owners, government employees or creditors need accurate reporting from accounting professionals who prepare records. That’s why companies are increasingly turning to professional accountants in order to increase quality at work.We're here to help accountants overcome problems through our practical knowledge.

  • We will provide you with accurate knowledge of the professional aspects of accounting.
  • Certified accountants will have no problem getting a job.
  • The best accounting software is discussed in detail.

Why Choose Us

  • The first step to understanding accounting is learning the concepts and their applications.
  • Understand and analyze the financial statements to gain a deeper understanding 
  • Gain insight into the different ways in which your firm can be compared to others.
  • The accounting courses at Vaughan will help you become not only a successful entrepreneur but also earn profits.

Benefits Of Our Courses

Unique Approach

A unique approach to teach accounting in a fun and engaging way.

One-to-one interactions

One-to one interactions with an expert can help the student get quick assistance.

Personal Assistance

We provide you with a solid foundation in accounting with our personal assistance.

Flexible time schedule

With a personal instructor, you can always get the help that suits your needs best.

Personal Instructor

A unique approach to accounting theories by using an interactive learning format.

Career Opportunities

As accounting is vast and includes a variety of job opportunities, one can choose their next career step based on personal interests such as –

  1. Jr. Accountant
  2. Staff Accountant
  3. Tax Analyst
  4. Tax Accountant
  5. Cost Accountant
  6. Corporate Accountant

Once you complete the accounting courses in Vaughan, it will no longer be necessary to settle for low wages.

What Will You Learn

Accounting courses in Vaughan can help you develop your skills and prepare for –

  • Journals and ledgers
  • Bank reconciliation statements
  • Financial statements
  • Tax statements

You will also learn to use the accounting software, QuickBooks.

How It Works

  • To watch the video session, you need to purchase the accounting courses Vaughan.
  • You will receive the course confirmation mail at the email address you registered.
  • The video sessions can be joined by clicking on the given links on given dates.
  • During the training sessions, you will build your skills.

What Will Be Provided In Training

Students who use QuickBooks created by the CA Premier Accountant will be able to:

  • 8 articles are provided with 24 supplementary study materials.
    On-demand videos for 21 minutes.
  • The lifetime membership courses are available for members.
  • The accounting course is offered in English.
  • Get a valid certification once you complete the entire accounting course Vaughan .

In this course, basic accounting terminology is explored briefly. You will also learn about how to navigate the program.

Who’s The Instructor?

Salman Rundhawa, MBA, immigrated to Canada in 2011, choosing accounting as his specialization. He has worked with small firms and also the big 04 public accounting firms. Because of this he knows well about the working of such firms. He has experience in

  • Corporate and personal income taxes
  • Cross-border taxation
  • Preparation & analysis of financial statements
  • Year-End adjusting entries
  • Accounts Payables
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll Management
  • Budgets and Internal Control

He is also familiar with Business Vision, Caseview, Caseware, Cantax, ERP, QuickBooks, SAP, U-File, & Taxprep. Connect with Salman Rundhawa on Linked In.

How To Apply

Follow the following steps for applying for the course:-

  • The membership of the accounting courses at Vaughan is perfect for your needs.
  • Call (1-647-870-6986) if you have questions about the course selection and system requirements.
  • Make the payment.
  • Get in touch with the instructor to ask questions once you have watched your classes.
  • We will provide you with an authorized certificate after you complete the course.

Feel Free To Call Us

We’re always ready to listen to your needs and would like to talk about how we can help to grow, it’s depending upon your skills, interest and training level.

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