5770 Hurontario St Suite 102, Mississauga, ON L5R 3G5



Where are you located?

Our classes are held at Suite 08,1020 Brevik Pl, Mississauga, ON, L4W 4N7

Parking is free and it’s on bus routes.

When are classes taking place?

Classes are held every Sunday from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Which software will I learn?

You will learn the following software:

  • Quickbooks
  • Caseware
  • Caseview
  • Taxprep
  • Cantax

How long will the training be?

The training will last for a month. By the time you finish your training, you will be proficient in using Accounting Software such as Quick books, CaseWare, and TaxPrep and will be able to complete personal & corporate tax returns as well as notice to readers.

Will you provide a reference after the training?

Yes, we will definitely provide you a reference and try our best to help you locate a job

Will I be practicing on real cases from the public accounting firm?

Yes, every case that you will learn and practice with us is real accounting engagement at a public accounting firm. You will also be mentored and trained by our senior accountant.

Will you help me modify my resume?

Yes, definitely we will help you modify your resume according to the professional standard. We will also help you prepare for the interviews.

How much fee do I need to pay for the training?

Bookkeeping Course, Accounting Course, Corporate Tax and Personal Tax are $1,000.

Resume is $500

Job support & Interview is $275.

The CO-OP package fee is $2,500.

Do I need to have accounting experience to be able to train?

Accounting background will definitely help but just like typing, accounting is a skill that is learnable. With our practical case approach, you will be able to learn bookkeeping, personal and corporate tax without accounting background.

What kind of jobs would I be able to apply for?

Depending on your skillset, below is the list of jobs for which you can apply:

  • Accounting Assistant
  • Income Tax Return Preparer
  • Junior Accountant
  • Junior Staff Accountant
  • Staff Accountant
  • Tax Accountant

How can I verify if this training is useful for me?

Do a search of your own on Indeed, Monster and on LinkedIn. Read the job description of the jobs you are interested in. Now compare the skills that you will learn with the job description to see the value of this training in making you employable.

How much can I expect to earn?

After you finished the training you can make between $40,000 – $60,000 per year depending on where you will get the Job and your skillset.



We offer students and immigrants an invaluable course to help them land their next job with ease! The training covers accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and more - all designed for your success.
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