Accountant interview in Canada


What are interview questions for accounting?

gtghadmin Answered question December 18, 2021

Other than the classical soft skill interview questions you must expect as an accountant a bigger list of technical questions in the fields of accounting, finance, and taxation. Many companies have here a big question catalog like a written test for you to complete.

You must update yourself on the latest tax and accounting changes as quite often these catalogs are not updated, and the right question is not available. You a pointing jackpot if you are so good that you can correct the questions.

Also, be aware that the personality profile requirements for accountants are more introverted with a high level of attention to detail.

That starts with your CV which has to be spotless. Not a micro mistake in grammar, punctuation, or formatting.

Even you might be over-excited and nervous during the interview keep yourself under control to stick to the questions in a short and professional manner. Very creative answers, chatty talk, and fussy answers are going to kill very fast your chances to get the job.

gtghadmin Answered question December 18, 2021
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