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Is it worth it to study accounting?

gtghadmin Answered question March 7, 2022

There are many available career paths with an accounting degree. As you move through the coursework, you will be exposed to many of the options. There are also opportunities that an accounting degree can help prepare you for that will not necessarily be evident in coursework. Possible paths include:

  1. Being an accountant for an organization, processing invoices (accounts payable) or receipts ( accounts receivable or revenue.
  2. Becoming an auditor for other companies (internal) or if other companies (external). If this is the path you desire it is highly recommended that you also take the necessary courses to be able to take and pass the CPA exam to become a CPA.
  3. Managerial accountant, whereby you are compiling and reviewing the day to day, month to month, quarter to quarter transactions of the organization in order to make projections and/or analysis of the transactions in order to better understand the business and help future planning.
  4. Forensic accounting which includes investigation of the transactions in a detailed manner to know the origin of each to insure the propriety of the business or discover improprieties that reveal items that may subject the organization to losses or even fraud.
  5. Being able to understand, as an entrepreneur, the information that goes into the profit and loss statements and be better able to forecast best practices in a particular line of business.
  6. Tax accountant whether you become an expert at tax laws for particular industries or areas ( individual, corporation, estate tax) to offer services in these areas.
gtghadmin Answered question March 7, 2022
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