Canadian Job Market for Accountants

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gtghadmin Answered question March 7, 2022

I have seen accountants come here struggle quite a bit. Before coming here, or even starting to look for jobs, do your research on job requirements. Learn the steps/licenses/certifications you may need to work as an accountant here. Start some of them before landing if allowed. I have also seen people landing here so much prepared that they even beat citizens with their know-how.

Before focusing efforts on job search, learn why would someone hire you, what does a typical job posting list it’s minimum requirement as, and what are the salary ranges they offer. Do not go into an interview with your crude back-home knowledge/experience, they will know in the first 30 seconds of the interview that you lack Canadian Experience. There are so many free courses available online, invest time in those.

Once you have followed the right path and gained knowledge, you must start working on the single biggest job search skill - networking. Read about how to network properly on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn & grow your network. Learn the difference between courteously asking for a favor vs harassing someone and invading their privacy. Learn and learn and learn…

Don’t worry about job before landing here, you will be lucky to find a job in your field in the first 3 months. This is what you should be targeting. Dedicate hundreds of hours before landing here on things that will bear fruits once you land, rather than shooting resumes on online job postings.

gtghadmin Answered question March 7, 2022
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