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November 23, 2021

Advantages of Volunteering as a Newcomer in Canada

It is an integral part of Canadian culture to volunteer. Children are encouraged to do it, and high school students must complete mandatory volunteer hours. Adults volunteer their time and skills at charities, non-profit organizations, political parties, religious faith organizations, youth groups, and many other places

In volunteering, one gives freely of their time to benefit another person, group, or cause.

Giving back to the community is usually well-regarded and valued in Canadian society. In this article, we will focus on the importance of volunteering, highlight the benefits it offers, and provide resources to find potential volunteering opportunities.

Importance of volunteering: 3 ways you can benefit as a newcomer accountant

1. Builds social and professional network

Volunteering can be a key tool in building your Canadian network. During your initial days or months as a newcomer in Canada, you may not know many people. Cultural differences may limit you from proactively reaching out to potential employers and accounting firms.

2. Gain Canadian experience

Newcomer accountants in the job search phase can try looking for volunteering opportunities in their field of work. You can also identify roles that involve the usage of skills that are relevant to the accounting profession. Volunteering can help you bridge gaps in your work history while you look for a job and is a good way to gain the much-coveted, Canadian experience. Moreover, you can always ask the company you volunteered with to provide reference letters, which can be useful in your job applications.

Volunteering also offers the opportunity to learn new skills and brush up on your language skills.

3. Keep yourself busy so you don’t get depressed

Volunteering can help you develop empathy and compassion and gather positive life experiences. As a newcomer in a foreign land, away from your friends and family in your home country, it’s very easy to feel isolated, homesick, and depressed. Keeping yourself occupied by being involved with the community is a good way to care for your mental well-being. It can help you reduce stress and provide a sense of purpose. 

How to find volunteer opportunities in Canada

Finding a volunteering opportunity that aligns well with your profession and experience might take a bit of research. 

Here are a couple of action items to get you started:

  • Research: Look up companies and organizations that are offering volunteering positions for accountants. Include positions that involve the skills you would use in your desired job — these may be skills that you’re already proficient in or are hoping to learn and improve.
  • Connect: Reach out to these organizations by sending an email, contacting them through their website or through their LinkedIn pages to learn more about their needs. Evaluate the areas where you might be able to offer your skills. 

Most provincial government sites and major city websites will also list out volunteering opportunities.

Giving back to the community is usually well-regarded and valued in Canadian society. As a newcomer, volunteering is a great way to integrate yourself into the community, get to know the local culture, and even improve your chances of finding paid employment opportunities. Volunteering experience also adds immense value to your resume and could be a stepping stone in helping launch your accounting career in Canada.

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