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In-Person Resume Writing Course

Create A Professional Resume That Stands Out From The Crowd

If you are entering the job market or pursuing a job or career change, you should create a professional resume to provide potential employers with a brief account of your work, educational, and personal qualifications. 

What Is The Need for A Professional Resume

Finding employment can be challenging for anyone, but the job market can be especially tough for recent college graduates, immigrants, people re-entering the workforce after time away, or someone who has been in a position for a long time. Competition is stiff; the market is filled with other strong job candidates, too. So how can you increase your chances of getting a great job in the field you love? For almost everyone, it starts with a resume.

A resume provides the hiring manager with his or her very first impression of you. A well-written one could be your ticket for an interview. You can use it before an interview to help you prepare your answers to the questions you expect to get, and it can even help you during the interview by giving you a way to direct the flow of questions.

The main challenge when you apply for a position is how to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers to be invited for an interview and get the job. This is not an easy task as recruiters receive hundreds of job applications every day, and if you stand out from the crowd, you will not be noticed. The aim of writing a professional resume is to address all of these points and ensure that you are guaranteed a competitive advantage in the market.

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Course Overview

This course is your single source for expert training and resources to elevate your resume-writing skills to world-class standards. We train career professionals to write and design top-flight resumes that get clients noticed, interviewed, and hired.

We study several formats you can apply to various situations and help you assess your professional skills so you can be more competitive in today's job market. Finally, we discuss how to turn an average resume and cover letter into a polished and effective marketing tool.

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What You Will Learn

Learn the techniques of writing and building a resume to build your credibility and brand with this course. This resume writing course will help you create your own branded resume professionally and attractively to help you land more job interviews and present your qualifications in the best way possible. You will learn about job market challenges and how to overcome competition as well as some bonus content that includes insights into the mindset of hiring managers and HR processes in screening CVs, to improve your chance to get more call-backs.

This course will help you write a professional resume step-by-step so that you show each part of your qualifications in a presentable and impressive way. It will show you how to apply for a role, starting from writing an email to following up with recruiters and technical managers. You will also learn about the Canadian job market and how companies fill positions, to find out the best way to reach employers, find your way into their application process, and overcome the competition. The following are the components of the course:

  • Identify the real purpose of a resume.
  • Identify relevant competencies for a position.
  • Learn about resume layouts and the Canadian job market (for both beginners and professionals).
  • Discuss the ideal structure and content of a strong resume
  • How to write each section of the resume
  • Explain how to present your qualifications in an appealing way
  • Tips for a professional resume and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Recognize the HR mindset when reviewing a resume to convince them of your qualifications
  • Outline how to write an outstanding resume that will get you noticed by HR and hiring managers
  • How to pass recruiter’s screening: win the first impression
  • Describe how to write an email and follow up with recruiters 
  • Advance resume writing and branding
  • Identify how to get more interview invitations

How can you bring your resume to the top of the pile? 

How can you present yourself to prospective employers using the language they already speak inside their organisation? This course will give you answers to those questions. You will learn how to convert a boring resume into a dynamic asset statement that conveys your talents in the language that an employer understands.

If you are tired of sending your resume without getting any response and don’t feel confident about it, then you should enrol in this practical course. Attract the attention of hiring managers at the company of your dreams by presenting and marketing yourself in a professional, creative, and in-depth way, and become a better job seeker and interviewer by powering up your job search. 

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