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CO-OP Package: Skills + Experience + Reference

We are proud to introduce our CO-OP package. We have established liaisons with accounting firms and they are happy to hire our trained students as CO-OP. The term of the CO-OP can be 03 months, 04 months or 06 months.


When training is combined with CO-OP, you get a deadly combination of skills + experience + reference. You will establish references and much needed Canadian experience. You will understand how the practical side of things works and what it takes to be successful as a public accountant.

You will be working on the actual files of the clients and will be discussing client issues with CRA and partners of the firm. You will also get the chance to get mentored by firm partners. You will establish connections in the industry which will open new doors for you.

You are up against a highly competitive workforce. Even a fresh university graduate has 16 months of CO-OP experience before he graduates. He will beat you in every interview you go to.

The CO-OP package really helps you in putting the skills that you have learned into practice. This will bridge any gap in your training and will prepare you for the interview. You will gains skills, get experience and establish the reference. It does not get better than this. 

If you are interested in the CO-OP Package then please reach out to us. Our CO-OP Package is very competitive and seats are limited. We reserve the right to accept your application.

Please call us at 647-276-7150 to set an appointment and discuss your situation in person.

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5770 Hurontario St Suite 102
Mississauga, ON L5R 3G5
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