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 Bookkeeping Course Mississauga

Accounting and Bookkeeping Course!
 designed to help you find a job!

The Premier Bookkeeping Course in Mississauga

Bookkeeping and accounting are the most integral parts of a business entity. Bookkeeping is the first step to record any financial transactions. All accounts and statements are prepared on the basis of bookkeeping, so it must be done properly. Presently there are over 100,000 professional bookkeepers in Canada with an average annual income between $35,000 to $45,000 and goes up to a maximum of $70,000.

Get Trained Get Hired is dedicated to preparing the Canadians and other immigrant students willing to build their career in the accounting profession. An individual can learn the things while working, but it is advised to take prior training to reduce the learning time, increase efficiency and total output. The bookkeeping short course in Mississauga will help you in building the skills to become a professional bookkeeper or accountant.

Who Is It for?

The lifetime membership of the bookkeeping course Mississauga opens many doors to job opportunities. This includes bookkeepers, accounts payable/receivables, accounting supervisors, tax administrators, payroll officers, accounting trainees and accounting managers.

Our online course is ideal for all –

  • People seeking to develop their accounting skills.
  • Students who want to learn the tactics of financing, bookkeeping, and accounting.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn bookkeeping treatments.
  • It is also for new accountants and bookkeepers who are in need of a job.

Why Our Course?

To err is human. Though bookkeeping is a good job but at the same time should be done properly. Even a small mistake leads to huge losses as non-disclosures and half-disclosures are considered frauds by the government. To make you competent enough, one must join these bookkeeping short course Mississauga.

  • We provide every single detail of the educational and professional standards of bookkeeping and counting.
  • Our course can change the general perception of the public towards accounting.
  • Certified bookkeepers can get recognition.
  • You will get all the necessary information about the concept of bookkeeping and accounting.
  • The course include double-entry bookkeeping for annual accounting.

Why Choose Us

  • To gain knowledge about accounting concepts and conventions.
  • To enhance the capability of reading and extracting useful information from financial statements and summarizing it.
  • You can gain the knowledge to acquire your financial situation as well with these course.
  • You can get hands-on training in the class.
  • We provide complete knowledge of bookkeeping and practical experience.

 Benefits Of Our Courses

Unique Approach

Our unique approach gives complete knowledge of the practical aspects of bookkeeping with one to one assistance.

Personal Assistance

We offer personal assistance to create a solid foundation and build their career in bookkeeping and accounting.

Convenient Options

Convenient options are available at reasonable prices with a lifetime subscription.

Professional Instructor

A personal instructor is all the time available to resolve the students’ queries.

Career Opportunities

Depending upon your skills, interest and training level, you can apply for the following jobs

  1. Tax Analyst
  2. Tax Accountant
  3. Jr. Accountant
  4. Staff Accountant
  5. Corporate Accountant
  6. Cost Accountant

What Will You Learn

Are you a beginner, or do you know the basics of accounting but want to learn more? Then you have come to the right place. So, the bookkeeping course Mississauga are perfect for you. Our course includes-

  • Classification of income and expenses
  • Entering accounting transactions in QuickBooks
  • Preparation of bank reconciliation statement
  • Preparation of financial statements including cash flow statements
  • Tax filing and preparation of tax statements

How It Works

  • Register online for the bookkeeping course Mississauga.
  • A confirmation email is sent to the registered mail-ID.
  • Join the video sessions on the scheduled dates.
  • Get the training and develop your accounting skills.

What Will Be Provided In Training

  • Training videos by the instructor.
  • A certified course in all the fields of accounting.
  • Supplementary study material with regular exercises.
  • Get your queries resolved immediately.

Who’s The Instructor?

Salman Rundhawa, MBA, immigrated to Canada in 2011, choosing accounting as his specialization. He has worked with small firms and also the big 04 public accounting firms. Because of this he knows well about the working of such firms. He has experience in

  • Corporate and personal income taxes
  • Cross-border taxation
  • Preparation & analysis of financial statements
  • Year-End adjusting entries
  • Accounts Payables
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll Management
  • Budgets and Internal Control

He is also familiar with Business Vision, Caseview, Caseware, Cantax, ERP, QuickBooks, SAP, U-File, & Taxprep. Connect with Salman Rundhawa on Linked In.

How To Apply

The following procedure is followed to access the online course with us –

  • Register with your full details on the website and get a lifetime membership for the bookkeeping course Mississauga.
  • Select the course as per your requirement and apply for it.
  • For any queries, call us at 647-275-7150
  • Start watching your online classes.
  • Ask your instructor to resolve your queries.
  • Complete your training and get the authorized certificate.
  • Payroll Management
  • Budget and Internal Control.

Feel Free To Call Us

We’re always ready to listen to your needs and would like to talk about how we can help to grow, it’s depending upon your skills, interest and training level.

5770 Hurontario St Suite 102
Mississauga, ON L5R 3G5
We offer students and immigrants an invaluable course to help them land their next job with ease! The training covers accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and more - all designed for your success.
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