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November 10, 2021

Do You Want to Pursue a Career in Accounting as a Second Career? Read This First

The prospect of changing careers can be worrying, but you shouldn't let that put you off if it's your dream. People often change careers multiple times in their lives, especially now when the business world is changing and job roles are changing rapidly.

Our professional lives evolve, and what we want to accomplish in our twenties may not match what we want to accomplish in our fifties.

Businesses have adapted to this, catering to people who want to embark on a different career at a later stage in their lives. If becoming an accountant is your next ambition, here are some ways you can prepare.

Consider why you want to be an accountant

Working in a career that you enjoy is so important: you cannot do your best work unless you are passionate about what you are doing.

When you interview for your first accounting role, you will likely be asked why you want the job. This is relevant for anyone applying to any role, but as a career changer your interviewer might be particularly focused on asking you why you have chosen accounting, and why now.

Spend time considering exactly why you want to become an accountant and make sure it is the career for you. What attracts you about it? Is it the career progression opportunities, the chance to work closely with clients, or the problem-solving aspect of the job that interests you?

Identify your relevant skills

As well as a broad range of soft and interpersonal skills, accountants need to be great at problem-solving, communicating, and analyzing. Accountants, especially those in practice, need to be excellent at working with clients and building strong relationships.

In this digital age, accountants also need to be tech-savvy. Not only are a lot of traditional accounting tasks now automated because of new technologies, but the industry is also facing new regulations. Accountants need to keep up-to-date with these changes so they can guide their customers through them smoothly.

Why Is accounting a Solid Choice?

There are many reasons why a career in accounting can be a viable option for anyone of any age, at any point in their current career. For one, it offers stable career progression. According to recent trends, job growth for accountants is forecasted to increase by a whopping percentage before 2022. With such solid job prospects, individuals of all ages are considering accounting as a second career option. Compensation rates are also enticing individuals from all industries; accounting offers plenty of opportunities for a lucrative career.

Immerse Yourself in the accounting Industry

One of the biggest struggles you’ll encounter during a career change into accountancy is the need for experience. Many find that they must first take low-paying internships to gain access to the industry. While it can be a financial struggle for many, the experience gained in these internships can be invaluable to future employers and cement your chances of being gainfully employed in years to come. When it comes to the private and the public sector, career changers should consider public accounting first. Working in a public accounting firm can give you experience in a wide variety of industries, including working with multiple clients and gaining an understanding of the various aspects that play into a successful accounting business.

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