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July 27, 2022

How Technology Is Transforming CPA Profession?

Continuing professional development (CPD) for chartered professional accountants has benefited from recent changes in technology. Gone are the days when the only way to gain CPD hours was to take time off one’s busy working schedule and travel to in-person conference events. Instead, many CPAs are now taking advantage of the ability to gain new skills and competencies by enrolling in online video courses that they can view on their own schedule.

Technologies are not only transforming how we do accounting but also how accountants learn. Recent circumstances have made some technologies even more important in a post-COVID-19 world. Telecommuting, for example, has been crucial for CPAs, especially since the start of the pandemic. Who would have imagined just months ago that so many of us would be doing our jobs entirely online while juggling family life and other commitments? This work would be even more challenging without video conferencing and cloud document services that can easily be taken for granted.

Experts routinely stress the value of building digital and technological skills for CPAs. Yet if we’re increasingly taking advantage of the flexibility of online tools in our professional lives, why should continuing professional development be any different? This article outlines five key ways technology is changing professional development for CPAs.

1 - On-demand Features

One of the most attractive features of online CPD courses is that CPAs can take them on-demand and at their own pace. Rather than waiting for an in-person event to be scheduled in your area, online courses are always there and constantly undergoing improvements.

2- Flexibilities

One of the most attractive features of online CPD courses is that CPAs can take them on-demand and at their own pace. Rather than waiting for an in-person event to be scheduled in your area, online courses are always there and constantly undergoing improvements.

 3 - Networking

Technology has also facilitated an unprecedented level of networking through online forums. While building and developing new skills through CPD, many CPAs are also taking advantage of the networking potential of online CPD platforms like CPD Ace.

4 - Money saver

Another benefit technology is bringing to CPD is the travel savings that online video learning offers. Rather than take days off from your professional schedule and pay for travel and lodging, video platforms offer an affordable alternative. Take advantage of the current stay-at-home measures not only by saving gas money but by building valuable CPA skills for your professional enhancement.

5 - Interaction

An important feature of online CPD courses is interaction. For instance, CPD Ace encourages students to leave reviews and submit feedback when choosing from more than 100 professional development courses. Other interactive tech goes further such as one CPA firm that recently experimented with transforming as a delivery method for CPD course material. Yet one doesn’t need to adopt such futuristic technologies to take advantage of the many benefits of online CPD learning today.

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