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June 6, 2018

How To Be A Loser Immigrant

I have been broadcasting relentlessly about how to be a successful immigrant in Canada but time and time again, I see a lot of people doing exactly the opposite to what was advised. They tend to agree with what I say but then go and do exactly the opposite. So this article is for all those who do the opposite of what is advised. I am hoping that they will read this article and do the opposite to be successful

Never Upgrade Your Skills

Never upgrade your skill set. Just assume that the job market is the same as it was in your home country. Your skills are relevant to the job market and you should be hired straight out of the airplane.

Do not update your resume and there is certainly no need to show any Canadian experience to the hiring managers.

Have Negative Attitude

Once a couple of months have passed and you have failed to secure a job then instead to self-

assessment just simply put the blame on the hiring managers, Canadian employers, job market, weather, Government policies, recruiters, friends and family.

Simply refuse to take the responsibility and have a negative attitude towards finding job. Give up your dream of having a career and start thinking about odd jobs. At best, start driving Uber.

Have No Plan

Refuse to have a plan. You must make sure that you do not set any goals for yourself. There is no need to set 06 months, 01 year and 05-year targets. Do not choose a field for your career and have no financial plan in place.

Just apply for all and every job. Use the same resume to apply everywhere regardless of the skills required for the job.

Get Comfortable with Minimum Wages

Find yourself a minimum wage job at a restaurant, gas station and grocery store and then just get comfortable with minimum wage. Stay at the same job for a couple of years and then you have no other choice but to stay a minimum wage worker, as you have not developed any skills that will help you in starting a career. You have lost precious time and now are too comfortable with minimum wage to take any risk and start from scratch.

Avoid spending money on professional development This is a big one!! Your mission is to absolutely avoid any professional development. We are already struggling to find a job so who has money to spend on professional development. It's better to buy an i-phone rather than spend on professional development.

At best spend money on a college diploma and get a useless piece of paper with no employable skills. You should be able to get a job now as you have a diploma now. There is now no need to take any professional course that develops employable skills.

Seek Advice from Other Losers

Your source of information will be other students and immigrants who are in a similar position as yourself. You will seek help from family and friends. Make sure your circle of influence is made up of people who have no idea what they are doing. Discuss problems and limitations with your circle of influence and never focus towards solution. Instead of seeking advise just focus in opinions.

Never go and ask a successful professional that how they did it. Never ask for meeting requests on LinkedIn from partners and managers to seek their advice.


Follow the above advice and you will be a minimum worker at best. Have holes in your shoes, drive a second-hand car and eat macaroni and cheese. Always be worried about money and never have enough.

If you want to avoid this miserable life then read my article about how to be a successful immigrant. The formula is very simple: avoid what losers have done and followed what successful people do and you will be successful too. Set your goals and every day work towards them. Remember, only you are responsible for your success and your life change when you change. Enjoy the journey!!


Salman Rundhawa

Salman has a strong desire to help others succeed and believe in passing on the knowledge. He likes to mentor others and wish to play part in other people success.
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