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July 8, 2024

How to Become an Accounting Technician in Canada

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the area of accountancy but don’t know what path to take? Becoming an accounting technician in Canada could be your first step towards a promising and fulfilling professional path.

What is an Accounting Technician?

Every business needs to stay on top of accounting and comply with accounting standards and government regulations. While small businesses hire an accountant, larger enterprises have an accounting team. Accounting Technician is a part of that team.

An accounting technician is a skilled professional providing essential financial services to businesses. They prepare accounts, manage payroll systems, and ensure financial compliance. It’s a role that combines accounting knowledge with practical skills.

An accounting technician executes tasks in the domains of accountancy, finance, and taxation to help accountants fulfill their tasks better. These experts work under the supervision of an accountant. They are responsible for updating, analyzing, and modifying financial records that can be further used by accountants.

Additionally, they can offer independent accountancy services to individuals and businesses to expand their professional portfolios. Such technicians can also work on complex matters like consulting and advisory.

What does an Accounting Technician do?

Accounting technicians offer various services after completing an accounting technician course in Canada. These include:

● Updating financial records and financial reports
● Keeping track of money received and expenses and controlling budgets
● Reviewing data and ensuring its accuracy
● Working with clients to develop budgets and other financial statements
● Perform administrative tasks like organizing payroll
● Completing tax returns and submitting them
● Performing basic bookkeeping duties

What is the Accounting Technician's Salary?

The accounting technician salary in Canada is lucrative, where you can make over €30,000 per year. There is additional cash compensation for such professionals, which is somewhere around €500 – €900.

The Difference Between an Accounting Technician and an Accountant

To become an accounting technician, you may not require the same education and experience that an accountant needs to get certified by a recognized body. However, to secure a good job for an accounting technician, gaining adequate experience is essential.

The scope of work is limited for accounting technicians. These people work under the supervision of an accountant and perform tasks like maintaining company data, developing financial statements, and balancing accounts.

On the other hand, accountants have numerous responsibilities in a business. They prepare financial statements, create budgets, forecast finances, assist during tax and audits, and more.

Finally, the accounting technician’s salary is much lower than that of an accountant. This difference is mainly because of the number of tasks, work complexity, and qualifications.

An accounting technician is usually a part of this team with limited responsibilities and mainly helps professional accountants. If you want to start a career in the accountancy and finance domain, accounting technician is a great starting point.

How do you Become an Accounting Technician in Canada?

Anyone can take up an accounting technician course in Canada. It is a great point to start your accounting career and open doors to new opportunities.

Usually, four study options are available for individuals willing to take up this course: full-time, part-time, online, and apprenticeships.

● Full-time course

You can take a full-time, accounting technician course from a recognized accounting institute. Some institutes may offer full or partial funding in Canada, and it is a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd.

● Part-time course

If you are employed full-time, a part-time accounting technician course can be a good choice to improve your professional portfolio. These classes aren’t regularly conducted and are adjusted per your work schedule.

● Online Course

This is the best way to complete an accounting technician course, where you can gain a professional qualification from the comfort of your home. Plus, these courses give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and still fulfill your other commitments.

● Apprenticeship

Most accounting technicians prefer an apprenticeship program as it offers practical experience in accountancy. You can work four days and study at a local college for the remaining days. However, they may need to sign a long-term contract of mostly 2 years. 

Is Accounting Technician a Good Career?

Yes, being an accounting technician is a good career, especially if you are entering the accounting domain without prior experience. These professionals usually work under an accountant and gain hands-on experience with handling accounting and finance.

Some experienced technicians can also become self-employed and start providing accounting services to small businesses. They can progress to higher positions like finance officer, payroll manager, accountant, bookkeeper, and tax analyst.


Accounting technician jobs are available in Canada, where you don’t have several requirements like an accountant, but it is a good starting point in the accountancy domain.

Embarking on a career as an accounting technician in Canada offers a world of opportunities. A career as an accounting technician in Canada not only offers a solid salary but also provides room for financial growth. With the right qualifications and experience, you can secure a vital role in the financial sector, ensuring businesses operate efficiently and effectively.

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