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June 12, 2021

How to Start a Career in Accounting?

A career in accounting has a lot to offer! It's one profession that sprouts a variety of career paths to explore. If you want to How to Start a Career in Accounting then you have landed at the perfect place.

Why choose Accounting as a Career?

Accounting is the backbone of any business. A dynamic profession is needed by all businesses of all sizes.  The financial system supports a business to function and grow. Accounting assists in designing financial strategies for the business and steer it towards productivity, hence underpinning its significance.

How to Start an Accounting Career?

Accounting is an exceptional industry for those seeking professional growth and development opportunities. There are some prerequisites before you put your first step towards this rewarding career.

  1. Acquire the right qualification: the first step of learning how to become an accountant. Research the qualifications that will get you where you want to be.
  2. Get an internship or entry-level position: once you become an accountant you have two work options. You can work 
  3. “In-practice” means taking a job with an accounting firm. It gives you a diverse experience as you will be dealing with lots of different clients. An enriched client portfolio gives you a broader knowledge base.
  4.  Another option is “in the industry” which means working as an accountant for a company. This option allows you to opt for a sector you want to work in but may restrict the horizon of career choices for you.
  5. Decide on your specialization: the field of accounting encompasses a variety of career paths. These specializations give you an opportunity to navigate your career path toward something in high demand, something that could guide you through the ladder of success or something that you have always been passionate about. Ideally all three.  
  6. Research the Companies you want to work for: Deciding upon which field of study to pursue within accounting, the decision may troll down to deciding between the two main career areas within the accounting field:
  7. Public accounting gives you the opportunity to work with a range of clients, from individuals to corporations. Public accountants act as a third party to review the financials of an organization for public disclosure.
  8. Private accounting is when an accountant works as an employee for a specific company. They render services for the benefit of a specific company. It involves setting up a system and recording business transactions that are aggregated into financial statements.  
  9. Develop required skills: the essential job skills accounting professionals require are more than being an expert in number crunching. A competent accountant always offers a blend of hard and soft skills to succeed in the accounting field. Following are some skills you can consider developing:
  10. Organizational skills. Handling complex data and tracking big data for precise details require problem-solving and organizational skills.
  11. Integrity: Accountants have access to very sensitive and confidential financial information of individuals and organizations. Hence, ethical responsibility is crucial to manage that financial information with honesty, integrity, and accountability.
  12. Knowledge of relevant laws: Accounting professionals must stay up to date on tax and employment laws to ensure legal compliance

Career paths in Accounting Profession

Careers in the accounting field can range from entry-level positions to executive level. Accountants perform various critical financial and administrative tasks in a wide range of organizations, from small businesses and start-ups to large corporations and nonprofits.

You need to be well versed with all the details of the accounting path you lock-in to pursue. You must learn what it entails, what education you may require, the skills you need to develop, and the salary you can potentially earn. Following are some career fields in accounting you can consider specializing in:

  1. Public Accountant
  2. Tax Accountant
  3. Forensic Accountant
  4. Managerial Accountant
  5. Financial Planner
  6. Internal Auditor
  7. Government Accountant
  8. Bookkeeper

There are lots of ways to launch your accounting career path, but if you are not sure where to start, then reach out to Gettrainedgethired.com to book a free 30-Minute career counseling meeting. At Gettrainedgethired.com we provide you with the necessary training to learn practical skills to become an accountant. Our training is based on practical real-life cases.  After the training, we work on your resume and try to place you in accounting firms through our network. You will also get access to like-minded individuals who are looking for jobs through our WhatsApp group. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Or call us at 647-275-7150


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