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December 24, 2021

Reasons Why You Should Choose to Be an Accountant

Becoming an accountant is an answer to a variety of problems found amongst disillusioned workers in any industry and can completely change your life. Pursuing a career as an accountant might be one of the best ways of investing in your education.

You may have heard of the usual reasons to choose a career in accountancy, which include good salaries and the fact it’s a respectable profession. 

It's also an ever-changing one. So, we've listed reasons in this article, which we hope will inspire you to start your career in accountancy this year. Some may surprise you too.

1. You don't need to be a math’s genius

It's a common misconception that accountancy is all about math. Numeracy is important, but it's only one of several required skills. The software does much of the number crunching in today's accountancy firm, with team members increasingly focused on guiding clients

2. You don't need a degree

Some accountants have degrees, some don't. Having an accountancy degree can enable you to skip a few exams on the way to full qualification, but generally, it doesn't matter whether or not you've been to university. Nothing is stopping you from getting in on the ground floor with accountancy courses for beginners.

3. Accountants are always in demand

If all businesses need finance pros, it should be no surprise that those pros are generally always in demand. It's not a career that's going anywhere either - while increasing automation means that there can be less to do on the calculations side of things, that just means that accountants are spending more time consulting and advising on strategy.

4. Potential to Advance

It never hurts to gain some recognition for your hard work, and as you grow in an accounting career, you can add prestigious letters to the end of your name as you advance. Accounting is a developing landscape that creates endless opportunities to learn new technology, software, and more which keeps those in the career actively learning.

5. You can work in almost any industry

From fashion to entertainment, construction to non-profits, one thing ties (almost) every industry together - they need finance professionals to help manage and advise them.

When you train as an accountant, you gain skills that can apply to almost any industry of your choosing. Go ahead and name an organization. We're betting you they'll need finance professionals somewhere.

6. Options & Variety

Those who choose a life in accounting might be surprised to know that there are a variety of career options. Depending on your preferences you can choose to work in the public or private sectors or can even be self-employed.

7. It's a great basis for being an entrepreneur

If all businesses need finance professionals, it makes sense for those starting them to have some finance experience themselves. With no need to employ an accountant in the company's early days, it's certainly economical - and fundamental knowledge of how a business's finances should be structured and maintained will also be crucial to keeping the business profitable.

8. Networking

Crunching numbers may be what most people envision on an accounting job, but you will also have many interactions with different people. Clients will come from different industries and different backgrounds giving opportunities to create a vast networking community. 

9. It's (almost) recession-proof

OK, nothing is 100% recession-proof, but accountancy comes close. When times are hard, it's usually departments such as sales and marketing, which are the hardest hit. Conversely, money troubles usually mean a doubling-down on the finance department, to make sure not a penny is misspent.

10. You will be in a profession that is respected and known for integrity and ethics

Accountants are respected business professionals, and accounting is known to be one of the most trustworthy professions. You will become a trusted advisor to others where you work, and your opinion will matter in making business decisions.

Final Words

There are countless reasons a career in accounting is something to invest in, but we’re hoping these reasons shed some light on the core benefits. Studying with Get Trained Get Hired is your opportunity to see if a career in accountancy for you is for you. Reach out to Get Trained Get Hired to book a free 30-Minute career counseling meeting. At Get Trained Get Hired we provide you with the necessary training to learn practical skills to become an accountant. Our training is based on practical real-life cases. After the training, we work on your resume and try to place you in accounting firms through our network. You will also get access to like-minded individuals who are looking for jobs through our WhatsApp group. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Or call us at 647-275-7150.

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