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Get Certified Tax Course In Mississauga

Taxation is one of the vast fields to be dealt with by an enterprise during its operations. Tax is an important source of revenue of the government imposed on goods and services provided by any entity and income earned by the individuals. The business entities hire tax accountants and professionals to maintain their tax accounts with perfection. So a little bit of misinterpretation of tax laws could lead to the payment of more tax than actual tax liability which can lead to working capital shortage or payment of less tax than actual tax liability which leads in penalty or payment of actual tax but not within the specified dates. As a tax accountant, they have to maintain the financial disciplines in an enterprise, that’s why their job is considered a highly respected job with good remuneration. Aspirants eager to build their career in the taxation field should join these tax course Mississauga.

Who Is It for?

Mindset, skills, training, open-mind, tax planning areas are highly required for a person dealing in tax services. We help in building all those qualities. Get Trained Get Hired helps the job aspirants who are trying to build their career as a tax advisor with specialisation in field such as –

  • Goods and services tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Personal tax
  • Tax administration
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax Planning
  • International tax
  • Real Estate tax
  • Tax audit
  • Tax policy analyst

Our course is beneficial both for beginners as well as for the experienced accountants working in private as well as in the government sector.

Why Our Course?

Ensuring business is tax compliant and tax efficient is one of the foremost challenges faced by entrepreneurs. We’re here to help you in this.

  • We are fully dedicated and determined in teaching each and every student who takes coaching through us.
  • Our tutors impart them with our practical knowledge and experience to deal with problems faced during the work with high level of accuracy.
  • There is a very high demand of certified tax accountants in the industry.
  • Effective use of taxation softwares that includes the usage of softwares which is beneficial for both accounting as well as tax compliant.

Why Choose Us

Tax is a field which requires theoretical knowledge as well as it’s practical implications of the law without violating any other laws.

  • We provide knowledge of all relevant other laws as well.
  • Briefly learn the terminologies used in various tax acts.
  • Understand and analyze the tax reports.
  • Tax course Mississauga will act as your mentor in your success story of setting your career in the tax field.

 Benefits Of Our Courses

Practical Knowledge

Superb blend of theoretical as well as practical knowledge with relevant case studies.

Learn Tax Planning

To learn tax planning through set-offs, carry forwards, deductions allowed and not allowed,etc.

One-to-one interactions

One-to-one interactions with instructors allow the students to ask their queries comfortably.

Personal Assistance

Our personal assistance helps in building a solid foundation in the field of taxation.

Professional Tutors

Our professional tutors teach every regulatory framework in such a detailed manner that you need not to join others.

Career Opportunities

Taxation is applied to almost every field that includes a wide variety of career opportunities, wherein one can choose as per their interests such as –

  1. Internal auditors
  2. Personal Finance Consultant
  3. Tax Accountant
  4. Financial analyst
  5. Employment Tax Specialist
  6. External auditors
  7. Tax Policy Analyst

After the completion of the tax cours Mississauga, you’ll no longer wait for any help and stick to minimum wages.

What Will You Learn

Tax course Mississauga are an ideal option for the development of your accounting skills including –

  • Preparation of tax and financial statements and their submissions.

Suggestions from business planners and investors.

  • Planning strategy for minimizing taxes.
  • Management skills to understand the working of the enterprise.
  • Preparation of audit reports and their representations.

How It Works

  • Buy a lifetime membership of tax course Mississauga.
  • On your registered email-ID, you will receive an email for confirmation and to finalise your payment.
  • You can start the video sessions with the links provided in the course material.
  • Learn and improve your skills with these training sessions.

What Will Be Provided In Training

We provide softwares like QuickBooks along with the following things –

  • 8 articles and 24 supplementary tax course study materials.
  • On-demand videos of 21 minutes each for the concepts.
  • The course are provided with lifetime membership course for all the members.
  • English is the basic language for the course provided.
  • A valid certificate is provided for the successful completion of the course

You’ll also learn the basic taxation terminologies with practical knowledge and their implications. You will also work on software programs.

Who’s The Instructor?

Salman Rundhawa, MBA, immigrated to Canada in 2011, choosing accounting as his specialization. He has worked with small firms and also the big 04 public accounting firms. Because of this he knows well about the working of such firms. He has experience in

  • Corporate and personal income taxes
  • Cross-border taxation
  • Preparation & analysis of financial statements
  • Year-End adjusting entries
  • Accounts Payables
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll Management
  • Budgets and Internal Control

He is also familiar with Business Vision, Caseview, Caseware, Cantax, ERP, QuickBooks, SAP, U-File, & Taxprep. Connect with Salman Rundhawa on Linked In.

How To Apply

Follow some quick and easy steps to apply for the course:-

  • Read the details of the tax course Mississauga and apply for the membership.
    Finalize your course payment.
  • Start watching your video tutorials and get in contact with the instructor for any queries.
  • Get the authorised certificate once the course is complete.
  • For any support or queries regarding the selection of the course or the system requirements, simply make a phone call at (1-647-275-7150) or email us at – [email protected].

Feel Free To Call Us

We’re always ready to listen to your needs and would like to talk about how we can help to grow, it’s depending upon your skills, interest and training level.

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