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The Philosophy Behind GTGH

The Philosophy

I am doing this because helping others is my passion. What is more important than mentoring and being part of someone's success? Someone guided me once and now it’s my turn to return the favor. I have a deep desire to help immigrants and new grads in order to make their struggle of settling in Canada less painful and help them navigate the obstacles that I once faced.

As an immigrant to Canada, I faced the same problems as many of you are facing right now in finding your first job in Canada: the Canadian experience glass ceiling. It does not matter how qualified or experienced you are but if you do not have Canadian experience and references you will not land an office job. I have gone through this situation myself and can fully relate to your problems and concerns.

The way I see it, you now have two options:

Join a minimum wage job where you have no career and are always living hand to mouth

Invest in yourself, get the required skills and experience, and build your career for a brighter future.

I took option number 02 and today I have a career and making a lot more than minimum wage. I want to share my experience with new immigrants and graduates. I can help you break through the Canadian experience ceiling and help you land a job in accounting and taxation.

I am not promising any guaranteed jobs or interviews as there are no guarantees in life and anybody who claims that they can guarantee you a job is deceiving you. Please stay away from them. All I am offering is my experience as an immigrant and an invitation for you to replicate it.

I will teach you the skills that will make you employable in accounting and taxation and provide guidance in resume preparation, interview & job support. Your career is your responsibility and it is through your hard work that you will make a career.

If you have decided that minimum wage job is not why you came to Canada and you want to have a career then please allow me to be your mentor, I have done this and so can you.

5770 Hurontario St Suite 102
Mississauga, ON L5R 3G5
We offer students and immigrants an invaluable course to help them land their next job with ease! The training covers accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and more - all designed for your success.
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