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April 25, 2024

Reverse Immigration

Let’s address a common challenge that many Canadian immigrants face – Finding a job. Many of us can relate to the idea of going back to our home country. But before making that decision, pause, take a deep breath, and think about the possibilities that lie ahead. You see when you decided to make Canada your new home you were investing in yourself and your future. You are investing in the opportunities, education, and experiences that this beautiful country has to offer. We all know that coming toward Canada takes a lot of determination, hard work, and yes huge money to make that leap. So don’t let that go to waste.

I want u to know that there is another option worth exploring. It is all about investing some time and focus into gaining new skills that can open doors for you.

In-Demand Jobs in Canada for Accountants

Given the size and depth of the accounting and finance sectors in Canada, it should come as no surprise that there are many opportunities. But how can newcomers to Canada access these lucrative accounting jobs?

Even though the current economic crisis is causing layoffs in other sectors accountants from abroad are still in great demand in Canada, maybe not to the same degree as a couple of years ago, but they are recognized as an occupation in demand. Accountancy is one of 38 occupations listed as being needed in this country for the foreseeable future by Immigration Canada. Much like many aspects of life in Canada as a newcomer, the better prepared you are, the greater the likelihood of you landing an accounting or finance job that you can thrive in. 

The accounting sector in Canada is thriving with a growing demand for accountants, offering increased job prospects for skilled talent.

Some in-demand jobs in the accounting field in Canada are:

NOC CodeJob Titles
11100Financial accountants and auditors 
12200Accounting technicians and bookkeepers 
10010Financial managers

Overcoming Challenges in Finding Accounting Jobs in Canada?

Finding an accounting job in Canada is simply a matter of tapping into your own personal set of skills. Discover strategies to overcome challenges in finding accountant jobs, including upskilling, networking, and leveraging specialized job platforms. Learn about the widening talent gap, rapid technological change, evolving regulations, and increased mobility in the accounting field.

On the hunt for accountant jobs, you're likely facing several challenges, from fierce competition to quickly evolving technologies. But there's good news: overcoming these obstacles is possible with the right strategies. Here's what you need to know:

  • Job Market Challenges: The accounting field is crowded, and jobs often go unadvertised. Plus, the rapid pace of technological change and new regulations means accountants must continually update their skills.
  • Common Obstacles: Many accountants struggle with not having the latest tech skills or not knowing about open positions. Unrealistic job expectations can also hinder your search.
  • Overcoming Challenges: To find your ideal accounting job, focus on upskilling, expanding your network, and leveraging specialized job platforms.

By focusing on continuous learning, networking, and using the right job search tools, you can navigate the competitive job market and find a position that matches your skills and career goals.

How Can You Stand Out of The Crowd – Upskilling

The Widening Talent Gap

As older accountants retire and accounting rules get more complicated, there are not enough qualified accountants to go around. Companies are having a hard time finding experienced accountants to handle all their work. This problem is expected to grow as some entry-level jobs are taken over by machines or moved to other countries. Accountants who know a lot about specific areas are in high demand.

Rapid Technological Change

New technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain are changing how accounting is done. You need to keep learning new tech skills to stay up to date.

Evolving Regulations

New accounting and tax rules come out all the time. It's tough to keep up without ongoing learning. You need to stay on top of the latest rules and methods to have a better chance of standing out.

Common Obstacles Faced By Accounting Job Seekers in Canada

Lack of Relevant Skills or Experience

The world of accounting is changing fast because of new tech like AI and blockchain. Many accountants find it hard to keep up with these changes and lack the new skills that employers want. Firms are looking for people who know about things like data analysis, how to use software to do tasks automatically, and how to protect against cyber threats. 

Also, employers in Canada want accountants who know how to handle specific problems they have. However many accountants have learned more general skills in areas like taxes, checking financial records, or making financial reports. It's hard for them to show they're right for a job if they haven't worked with the exact issues a company is dealing with.

To get around this, it's important to learn new, in-demand skills on your own and look for jobs that fit what you already know how to do.

Limited Access to Open Positions

A lot of accounting jobs aren't advertised to everyone. They might only be shared within the company or through people's networks. Also, where you live can make a big difference. Big cities have more jobs than small towns. This makes it hard for many people to even know about these jobs unless they're lucky or know the right people.

Sometimes, it's also not clear how to apply for jobs at certain companies. The way to get noticed can be confusing, which stops people from trying.

To deal with this, it's important to meet more people in the accounting field, be willing to move if necessary, and keep reaching out to companies even if it's tough.

Unrealistic Expectations

Sometimes, people looking for accounting jobs expect too much too soon. They might think they'll get promoted quickly or have a perfect balance between work and life right away. They might not realize how much experience is needed for certain roles. Or, they might think accounting is just about working with numbers all day when it's actually a lot more varied and interesting.

These wrong ideas can make people either ask for too much or not appreciate good job opportunities. It's important to talk to people who are already working in accounting to get a real sense of what the job is like. This can help you understand what to expect and make better choices.

Strategies to Overcome Challenges Faced By Accounting Job Seekers in Canada

Still, Looking for a Job? Get Trained Get Hired Can Help

Job searching can be challenging, and when you can’t find a job, it can feel like you’re stuck in career limbo waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Focusing on improving your job search process, expanding your search, and taking breaks when you need them can lead you straight to career success.

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