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February 29, 2024

How to Make a Successful Career Change to Accounting

The desire to change career paths and pursue work in a new industry is something many mid-career professionals face.

The Scope of Accounting- Career Change to Accounting

Accounting has a broad range of applications that touch on every sector of society, including business, trade, government, financial institutions, private citizens, and families. The accounting principle guides every action.

Many people believe that the accounting field is primarily concerned with the financial dealings of a firm, but this is untrue. Every sort of corporate entity, including individuals and families, needs accounting.

Career change to accounting is a wise decision because there is expected to be strong industry development, a high median compensation, and a market for skilled accounting professionals. However, after you’ve decided to seek a career in accounting, you’ll find that the profession is much broader and more diversified than you would have imagined, with prospects to use your abilities in various relevant areas.

How to Make a Mid-Career Change to Accounting

While every professional path is different, there are standard steps to take that can help aspiring accountants get ahead. These include understanding the necessary educational credentials required and selecting a specialization if you desire one.

The prospect of changing careers can be worrying, but you shouldn't let that put you off if it's your dream. Here is a breakdown of steps to take to enter and advance in the accounting profession.

Consider Why You Want to Be an Accountant

Working in a career you enjoy is so important: you cannot do your best work unless you believe in what you are doing.

When you interview for your first accounting role, you will likely be asked why you want the job. This is relevant for anyone applying to any role, but as a career change your interviewer might be particularly focused on asking you why you have chosen accounting, and why now.

Spend time considering exactly why you want to become an accountant and make sure it is the career for you. What attracts you to it? Is it the career progression opportunities, the chance to work closely with clients, or the problem-solving aspect of the job that interests you?

Abilities That Make You a Good Fit! – Career Change to Accounting

People unfamiliar with the profession frequently think that accounting is a dull career. Yet, it can be among the most rewarding, whether you decide to serve in the public or private sector. You’ll need more than just strong math skills in terms of prerequisites. It needs analytical, interpreting, and adaptation abilities to provide correct financial data, set reasonable goals, and promote business expansion.

Even if you have what it takes to be an accountant, you still need to choose the branch of accounting that best suits you and research the educational requirements for that field.

Fulfill Accounting Education Requirements

Take a course – You need to take an accountancy practical qualification to move into a career in accounting. To avoid having to stop working to pursue your desired career, you might elect to enroll in an accounting course while continuing to work at your current position. You can decide to embark on an accounting course while still working at your old job, ensuring you do not have to stop earning to pursue your desired career. 

Identify Your Relevant Skills

As well as a broad range of soft and interpersonal skills, accountants need to be great at problem-solving, communicating, and analyzing. Accountants, especially those in practice, need to be excellent at working with clients and building strong relationships.

In this digital age, accountants also need to be tech-savvy. Not only are a lot of traditional accounting tasks now automated because of new technologies, but the industry is also facing new regulations. Accountants need to keep up to date with these changes so they can guide their customers through them smoothly.

Obtain Accounting Industry Experience

To signal your value and understanding to future employers, gaining experience as an accountant in the field is crucial. It is common for accounting students to hold an internship, volunteer work, or part-time position. This allows us to implement accounting practices in the real world and interact with professionals in the industry.

Obtaining temporary or part-time employment in the accounting sector can also open the door to securing full-time employment.

Before applying for your first accountancy job, you need to think about where you would like to take your accounting career. You must first consider whether you would like to start in practice, which involves working for an accountancy firm, or go into industry and be part of the finance team in a company. 

Consider Your Accounting Career Options

When you have chosen between practice and industry you then need to decide what job role you want.

Would you like to specialize in auditing or taxation, financial accounting, or government finance? Choosing the role, you want may also help you decide between industry and practice.  Ensure you research the different job options and try to speak to different people already working in those roles to discover which you are best suited to.

Submit a Stellar Accounting Application

Moving into accounting from another career is not necessarily a disadvantage and you might bring new skills and fresh perspective, and therefore be attractive to a prospective employer. You will have built relevant skills in previous jobs, which you can use to explain why you would be an asset as an accountant.

Once you have decided where specifically you want to be in accounting, the key is to prepare. Research the skills you need for the specific role then write down how your previous experience demonstrates your abilities in this. If there is an area you do not have experience in, show how you plan to gain this skill.

Even if you do not have any official experience in accounting, you do need to prove you are interested in and committed to it. There are different ways you could slot this into your daily life, from reading specific books and articles to attending networking events and talks.

You Aim to Retrain as an Accountant, Don’t Let Worries That It Is Too Late Hold You Back 

Businesses understand the current professional landscape and so will welcome your decision to change careers if you show commitment to your future. Switching to a career in accounting means that you need to develop the financial acumen and skills that businesses need. If you wish to pursue a career in accounting, find the right educational or certificate program for you and embark on this new professional chapter. The accounting field is still competitive to set yourself apart, consider joining Get Trained Get Hired as we delve into the complexities of this transformative journey, providing insights and actionable steps to ensure your smooth transition into the accounting world.

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