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December 4, 2021

Is Bookkeeping A Good Career Choice?

Businesses will always need Bookkeepers. No matter what the industry, Bookkeepers are a vital part of the smooth running of any company, and their work ensures the business’ finances are being managed, documented, and spent most effectively. Bookkeeping is an exciting occupation and one that is in high demand. Each day offers a new challenge for bookkeeping professionals which is what makes it such a rewarding career.

If you have started to consider a career in bookkeeping, you may have a few questions. Read on to discover the many reasons to consider a career in bookkeeping. 

Excellent Jobs Prospects- You’ll always be in demand

It has the advantages of being a semi-professional ‘white-collar’ career. Still, at the same time, it offers you opportunities to start your own business, work from home, and enjoy a rewarding career in the bookkeeping and accounting industry.

The demand for bookkeepers is high and on the rise. You have an excellent chance of gaining employment once you complete your qualification. Bookkeepers are wanted everywhere, so if it is your dream to work overseas, you should consider a career in bookkeeping.

Being a bookkeeper is an ideal starting point for those who want a decent salary and is still planning out the long-term scheme of their career path.

This is a great career pathway if you find you become tired of a role easily. You will have the opportunity to move around and work in different settings, so you never have to worry about your role becoming dull.

No matter what the industry, Bookkeepers are a vital part of the smooth running of any company, and their work ensures the business’ finances are being managed, documented, and spent most effectively.

Bookkeeping offers flexible working

You Control Your Career. Bookkeeping doesn’t just have great prospects, it also allows you to work flexibly – in a way that suits you and fits around any other commitments you may have (although longer hours are common when audits are due, and at the end of financial years).

Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, for an established company or on a freelance basis, there’s an opportunity in bookkeeping for you.

If you start your career in bookkeeping, you can choose where and how quickly you progress.

Because of the varied nature of bookkeeping, you’ll also be able to work in a way that suits your style of working, and matches your personality.

For example, if you’re a social person – bookkeeping allows you to work in situations and workplaces with a good level of interaction, with a wide range of people. This could be in an office, or if you’d prefer a change of scenery, even traveling to clients’ places of business.

On the flip side, many opportunities allow you to work by yourself – whether it’s from home or a remote setting.

Whatever your passion, you can find it in bookkeeping.

High Earning Potential

Earning a steady salary can be a great source of comfort for individuals in today’s economy. Bookkeepers earn a solid income that grows with years of experience. 

You can also easily transition into higher-paid roles within the sector. For those who are dreaming of earning a salary that offers you the chance to fulfill lifelong aspirations such as traveling and buying a house, you should consider a career in bookkeeping.

Your skills will always be up-to-date

Bookkeeping is never stationary. So you won’t be either.

As the industry evolves and computer programs and systems are created and developed to make your job more efficient, your knowledge will grow too.

Many bookkeeping functions now operate through cloud-based software like ]meaning as a modern-day Bookkeeper, your expertise will expand far beyond manual calculations.

But it’s not just software that you’ll always be learning about.

Bookkeepers (alongside other accountancy professionals) are usually required to be qualified through professional bookkeeping courses– which not only teach you everything you need to know about bookkeeping but also represent proficiency in the field to prospective employers.

Whether you want to brush up on your skills or learn about an updated function or process.

You don’t need a degree

Bookkeeping is perfect for school leavers or career changers.

You don’t need any previous qualifications or experience in accountancy to begin studying, and once qualified – you’ll open doors to several opportunities with great career prospects and excellent earning potential.

Some learning providers even offer flexible learning options and ongoing support whilst you study. 

Is it worth it?

If you are looking for a well-paying career with excellent prospects for career advancement, then bookkeeping can be a real consideration. Job security in this sector is almost guaranteed because even with all the numerous accounting software, there is still a substantial need for human beings to monitor them. If you would like a challenging and diverse role, consider a career in bookkeeping. You can get your foot in the door by enrolling with Get Trained Get Hired which will open up a world of new career opportunities for you.

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